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Parent Voice

Homework Survey - September 2021


Parents' comments:


Could the homework be marked at all?


 Teachers regularly monitor online homework and can see the children's scores and how much of the task they have completed. Teachers are aware of errors the children are making and where they need more support. 

​​​​​​Parents' Comments:


  • I feel the children spent so much time online during lockdown that they need the opportunity to be creative on paper.
  • Homework was so much more manageable for children, particularly those whose parents are working, when it was changed from open ended projects. My feeling would be that if homework is going to actually be produced by the children and not the parents then don’t set project work, or if the school are going to go down this route again I would recommend that you make it absolutely clear exactly what is required. Too often children with parents with both the time and inclination to produce amazing projects actually make it impossible for all children to shine so I would urge caution.

We have set clear guidelines and expectations for homework which are in their homework books. We encourage parents to support their child complete their homework but to encourage them to be as independent as possible.

  • Much easier to complete homework books than online activities