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Understanding the World

The children have loved watching their planted broad beans germinate and grow shoots. They are observing their plants growth and considering what needs to happen in order for them to remain healthy. What super gardeners the children are!

The children thoroughly enjoyed participating in our whole school ‘Gardening Day.’ They worked together to dig, plant and look after the new and existing plants in our school garden. They learnt a lot about plants and what they need to survive. 

The children in Reception enjoyed participating in a scientific experiment. Together, we bathed gingerbread men in different liquids (oil, milk, vinegar and water) to see what would happen. Some children predicted they would all dissolve. Some said the gingerbread man in the water would dissolve first. Others predicted that other liquids would cause the gingerbread men to dissolve first. 
The children discovered that the vinegar caused its gingerbread man to dissolve first and that the oil actually stopped its gingerbread man from dissolving.