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Each term during Art lessons, the children will learn new skills and also focus on significant artists. They will learn about famous pieces of work and over time will be able to discuss their own personal likes and dislikes and also have the ability to compare and contrast famous works using technical language. We are hoping that by the end of Y6, our pupils will recognise famous works of art and know about their origins and the techniques used to create them 

Art Long Term Overview

Autumn Term 2020

Home Art Work

Year 1


This term, we have been looking at the artist Georgia O'Keeffe.

Year 2 

This term Year 2 have been learning about the life and work of L.S. Lowry. We've found out he only used 5 colours in his art work, black, white, red, blue and yellow. Lowry often used pencils to sketch on scrap pieces of paper while he was walking around the city as part of his job. 

We have explored mixing the 3 primary colours to see what colours we could make and we have learnt how to use a vanishing point to help us draw using perspective. 

Year 3 

This term, we have been learning about the artist Salvador Dali. We have learned about the Surrealist Art Movement. Dali's artwork, was inspired by his unusual dreams, which inspired his art. 

We created 'The Elephants' inspired by Dali. We used pastels to blend colours to achieve the sunset. 

Year 4

This term Year 4 have been looking at the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We have been using his artwork to learn about landscape paintings. We have been using sketching skills to develop our understanding of perspective, colour and proportions.