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Pupil Voice

School Council Meeting   - 8th February 2022


Diya  Y6

"Refugees are people like the rest of us! hey should have the same basic rights as all of us."


Oscar Y3

"We should welcome all refugees as they should be treated the same as everyone else and with the same rights!"


Orlaith  Y3

"All refugees should be able to come to our country and feel safe!"


Anna  Y5

"The Anti-refugee Bill is unfair and unjust because nobody should be treated differently based on how they come over."


Emily Y2

"Just because they come over on a boat, it shouldn't matter. All people should have the same rights and shouldn't be jailed."


Luke  Y6

We should treat all people equally and with respect!"


Thomas  Y2

"Refugees should not need a passport to come here safely!"


George T  Y4

"If we were living in an unsafe environment, we would want to to be able to travel to other countries to seek sanctuary."


George M  Y4

"We should welcome all people into our school and our city!"


Reuben Y5

"Some people are forced to leave their country because of war. If we don't welcome them, they could die. We need to treat them like human beings and fairly!"