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Further comments parents made on the survey:


The staff is clearly very dedicated to the children. There is a strong community feel. As parents we are grateful for all the work that you do. Thank you!


We are happy with the school and couldn't ask for more.


Parents should be sent home for eg maths to work on with their child - We have actioned this comment and all pupils are receiving fortnightly maths homework for their child. 


Brilliant school, they really care about the children and work so hard to achieve excellent work.


More then happy with my child’s time at the school so far fantastic staff and a lovely environment.


We are concerned that a lunch time is being used for a timetabled PE lesson. Break times should be for the children to relax, including opportunities for physical activity that the children can choose to do. An actual structured lesson should not be delivered in a lunch break.

We do have an additional PE/Physical activity session for children at lunchtimes and a weekly PE session during lesson time, alongside swimming, yoga etc. We want our children to experience a range of different sports and find something they enjoy so that they continue to be active adults. 


My daughter has improved greatly since attending St Albans.


St. Alban’s is a fantastic, nurturing school which provides an excellent education for my child.


They have thrived since moving to St. Alban’s due to low confidence at a previous school.

Brilliant school. My daughter is extremely happy.


Great school, the teachers and head are outstanding.