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Pastoral Support at St Alban's

Hi everyone,


I am Celine Doherty, St Alban’s Pastoral Lead. I am based in school from Tuesday to Friday. I am usually on the school gate, if you would like to meet with me then call the school office and ask to speak with me and I will happily arrange an appointment - 0121 444 6530. 


I support families in the following ways:

  • I listen to and appreciate parents’ concerns and offer suggestions and advice for individuals and their families.
  • I work with outside agencies and can signpost families to other specialist services that are available to support them.
  • I liaise with social workers and help with family plans.
  • I work with families to improve children’s attendance at school.


I support children on a 1:1 basis or in small groups, working with them in the following areas:

  • Anger management and control
  • Key transitions including moving between new schools/ classes
  • Development of self- esteem and confidence
  • Friendship issues, including social networking
  • Family life including bereavement, new baby, separation/ divorce
  • Friendship groups
  • Promoting healthy relationships


We make sure your voice is heard and that you are happy, safe and secure in our school community. Having someone to talk to about your concerns can be of great help which is why we provide you the space to talk about anything; no matter how big or small your worry may be.


By offering individuals and families our support services we can equip you with the skills to:

  • Help you have the best friendships at school and home
  • Make sure are safe, happy and healthy
  • Approach your worries so you can be your best at school


Our friendship programmes help children to learn valuable coping life skills in a fun environment. These skills will empower children to succeed in their schooling and will support them in becoming emotionally and socially competent in their interactions with teachers, peers and family.