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Monday (13.12.21)


Today, we are continuing our work on multiplication and division.  Follow the lesson powerpoint and complete the accompanying worksheet.  To finish, look at the 'True or False' question.  Can you answer it?

RE through Literacy

Using the powerpoint below, explore how and why St. Francis of Assisi created the first crib scene.  Answer the questions as you move through the powerpoint and complete the lesson by writing a prayer of thanks for the birth of Jesus Christ, Our Saviour. 


If you do not have your own nativity scene at home and would like one, then I have attached a scene for you to cut out and create.  (If you have access to a printer.)

Christmas Craft

In class this afternoon, we will be making Christmas tree decorations.  I have attached a picture similar to the ones we will be making in class.  Use whatever resources you have at home to make one of your own.  Remember, send a picture in so we can share it in class. 

KS2 Carol Service

For the final song in our Carol Service we will be singing and signing 'We wish you a Merry Christmas'.  Follow the link below to learn the makaton signing to the carol.