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Digital Leaders


What Are Digital Leaders?

Digital Leaders are a group of tech-savvy children from Key Stage 2, who play a vital role in our school community. They are here to guide, support, and enrich the digital learning journey for all of us.


The Role of our Digital Leaders:

📱 Tech Experts: Digital Leaders are our tech superheroes! They help troubleshoot and solve computer problems, ensuring that our digital devices are always ready for learning.


💻 Online Guardians: They are the protectors of online safety. Digital Leaders teach us how to be kind, responsible, and safe while exploring the exciting world of the internet.


👩🏫 Tech Tutors: Digital Leaders assist our teachers in incorporating technology into their lessons, making learning even more engaging and enjoyable.


📹 Creative Content Creators: Digital Leaders will use their creativity to craft amazing digital content, such as videos and stories, to enhance our learning experiences.


📢 Tech Recommenders: They help us discover the best educational apps and websites, ensuring that our online activities are both fun and educational.


👧🏫 Tech Mentors: Like caring older siblings, Digital Leaders assist younger children in developing their tech skills, creating a supportive and inclusive environment.


🌐 Tech Enthusiasts: They stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends and share their knowledge with us, making sure we are always in the know.


💡 Problem Solvers: When technology hiccups occur, Digital Leaders come to the rescue with their expert problem-solving skills.


🌟 Positive Role Models: Most importantly, Digital Leaders embody kindness, respect, and responsibility in the digital world, setting a wonderful example for us all.


Our Digital Leaders are here to make sure that technology enriches our learning experiences while keeping us safe and responsible online. They are a beacon of knowledge, support, and friendship in our digital journey at St. Alban's Catholic Primary School.