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Multi-Cultural Education

We ensure that our children learn about a number of different faiths and cultures which reflect the vibrant city of Birmingham in which they live. They are taught from Reception to respect each others uniqueness and that they are all made in the image and likeness of God. Our children show respect to peers from different faiths and special celebrations are marked in class to ensure our children gain a deeper understanding and respect for others. 

What is the purpose of Multicultural Education?


The purpose of Multicultural Education is to ensure that children grow in awareness and appreciation of their own cultural heritage in order to develop a sense of pride and self-worth in who they are and, at the same time, to grow in awareness and appreciation of the cultural heritage of other people regardless of whether they live within the same local community, elsewhere in the UK or part of the global community beyond. Promoting and developing this aspect of education helps us to work towards the ultimate goal of creating a harmonious and tolerant society where discrimination of any form is not accepted.



“A people’s culture is only fully explored   when the religious roots of that culture are acknowledged and accepted. Multi-cultural studies do not make sense without an appreciation of the meaning and experience of religious belief.”



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