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Our Dog Mentor

Improving Behaviours 


On a practical level, we enable all pupils and staff in school to


  • change their mindset into a positive one at all times 
  • improve rapport skills within the school environment 
  • understand that behaviour is a form of communication
  • realise that mind and body communication affects our behaviour 
  • improve personal growth and development in a way that affects all aspects of their lives such as in-work, at-home and external relationships outside of school  




Improving Outcomes 


The overall target is to improve the personal development for all staff, parents and pupils so that they are more productive in a positive learning environment  


This will lead to greater achievements both at home and in school. More specifically:

  • raising standards and accelerate progress
  • improve the quality of teaching and learning across the entire school
  • improve the conditions for learning 
  • to improve skills so that the impact has a lifelong affect 

Benefits To The Children

The Power of the Dog Mentor prorgramme can help our children improve their abilities to:

  • pay attention and focus
  • calm down when upset or stressed
  • make better decisions


It also helps them develop:

  • awareness of inner and outer experiences
  • the ability to recognise their thoughts as ‘just thoughts’
  • the ability to recognise when their attention has wandered
  • strategies and tools for impulse control