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The Sacrament of the Eucharist


The Sacrament of First Holy Communion (Eucharist)


The Sacrament of Eucharist known as First Holy Communion is the third Sacrament that Catholics will receive. It is the most important and memorable Sacrament as it allows us to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. During this special Sacrament Jesus becomes a part of us. It is also a gift we receive each week at Mass as we remember the sacrifice of Jesus at his death.


In Year 3, the children prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. The children are guided on their faith journey and show reverence whilst deepening their faith in the Lord Jesus. Pupils in Y3 participate in a 'Retreat Day'. The children explore their own faith and discussed that their journey with Christ began when they were sent from God to their parents as babies. They learn that our journey with God never ends and we just grow closer to Him. The children gather together in prayer to remember the Lord’s most precious gift - the Body and Blood of Christ. The children listen to the Gospel of the Last Supper and then re-enact it, imagining they were one of the Disciples. They create beautiful pieces of art to remember the most important gift they will receive, the body of Christ. The children enjoy the day immensely and as a result strengthen their friendships with each other and God.


The children make the Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion at St. Dunstan's Church. 

Celebrating The Sacrament of First Holy Communion