St Alban's Catholic Primary School

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Our Pedagogical Approach

1. Daily review

We begin each lesson with a short review of previous learning. Daily review can strengthen previous learning and leads to fluent recall. 

2. Present new material using small steps

We present new material in small steps for children to practice after each step. We only present small amounts of new material at any time, and then assist children as they practice this material. 

3. Ask questions

We ask a large number of questions and check the responses of all children. Questions help them practice new information and connect new material to their prior learning. 

4. Provide models

We provide children with models and worked examples, which help them learn to solve problems faster. 

5. Guide pupil practice

Our successful teachers spend time guiding pupils' practice of new material.

6. Check for pupil understanding

We check for children's understanding at each point and help them learn the material with fewer errors.

7. Obtain a high success rate

It is important for our children to achieve a high success rate during classroom instruction.

8. Provide scaffolds for difficult tasks

The teachers provide children with temporary supports and scaffolds to assist them when they learn difficult tasks.

9. Independent practice

We monitor independent practice. Pupils need extensive, successful, independent practice in order for skills and knowledge to become automatic.

10. Weekly and monthly review

We engage the children in weekly and monthly review. Children need to be involved in extensive practice in order to develop well-connected and automatic knowledge.