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Transition to Reception


The transition from Nursery/Childminders to Reception occurs over a period of days. These transition periods allow the children to settle in and adjust to routines, rules and the school environment.  It also allows staff to get to know the children in a smaller group, and begin to observe and assess the children.


In June/July parents are invited in to school for an induction evening. Parents are given the chance to talk to and ask questions to the Class teacher, Head teacher, SENCO and Pastoral Lead.

Parents and children are then invited in for a more informal event. In recent years this has been a 'Teddy bears picnic' event. This allows the children to meet their new teacher, teaching assistant, Head teacher and other members of staff they will be working with. Children will also be given the chance to meet with their new friends.


The class teacher will conduct nursery visits in the summer term before children begin school. This gives a chance for the children’s new teacher to find out information they may need to know before the children start school.


During the first academic week in September, the class teacher and teaching assistant will conduct home visits for all children. This is a vital part of our transition period. Teachers have the chance to get to know children in their own environment on a one to one basis. This also allows for conversations with the child’s parents and for them to express any important information, their child's likes and dislikes and any concerns that they may have before the child starts school.


Intake of our children in September is staggered over the period of a week, with smaller groups of children attending at different times. All children are full-time from the end of the first week. 


Transition from Reception to Year One


In the Summer term children spend 2 days in their new classroom getting to know their new teachers and spending time in their new learning environment. Children with SEN needs may have a longer transition period in the summer term to help build relationships and support attachment.