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Spring Term Two: Plants 

By the end of this unit, pupils will know that:

• There are many different types of plants

• Seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants

• A seed can grow into a flowering plant

• When a seed germinates, it changes from a seed to a seedling

• Some plants create bulbs that live underground, and their leaves grow up through the soil

• Plants need light and water to grow

• Plants often grow well in the Spring when the temperatures get warmer and there is often rain • Some plants (crops) are grown for food

• Crops are harvested, packaged and transported for people to buy and eat.

Spring Term One: Electricity 

This unit introduces electricity, what we use it for, how it behaves and how we must use it safely. Pupils will explore circuits, asking and answering questions about how electricity behaves and what is needed to create a complete circuit. Pupils will learn about the the differences between batteries and mains electricity and will understand how our electricity system is connected across the country and beyond. Finally, Pupils will work scientifically to investigate conductive and non-conductive materials. They will make predictions, plan and undertake an investigation and will explain learn findings.