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Miss Finnegan's Challenges

Entries for the 'How Big is a Million' challenge

How Big is a Million Challenge - 15.5.20

How Big is a Million Challenge- 15.5.20

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National Numeracy Day 2020


Thank you so much for all your efforts for National Numeracy Day last Wednesday. I really enjoyed seeing many of you take part in the fun activities set and I absolutely loved all your maths inspired costumes.

Please watch the video to see what everyone got up to and the amazing costumes some of the children created. 


I just couldn't decide on a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize as they are all incredibly creative and a lot of effort has been put into them. All the children who created their own costume will receive a prize in the post soon.




Miss Finnegan heart

Fun Friday Challenge - 8.05.20

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National Numeracy Day- 13.05.20

Looking forward to jars

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Thank you to all these children who sent in pictures of what they’re looking forward to after lockdown.

Fun Friday Challenge- 1.5.20

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Well done to these mathematic  superstars on answering a number of challenges successfully:


Harriet - Year 6

Billy - Year 4

Diya - Y4

Adshayan - Y1

Answers to maths challenge

Friday Family Maths Challenge - 24.2.20

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Have a go at some problem solving challenges with your family!

White Rose Friday Maths Challenges



This week, my Friday Fun challenge is one for all the family! White Rose has partnered with BBC Bitesize to bring you a series of challenges testing your problem solving skills.


I have saved the 10 White Rose problem solving challenges for you to have a go at. You don't have to complete them all but see how many you can do with your family. 

Here are the questions that are most suitable for your year group:


Year 1 - Question 1 and 2

Year 2 - Questions 1-3

Year 3 - Questions 1-4

Year 4 & Year 5-   Questions 1-5

Year 6 - Questions 1-6


Feel free to challenge yourself with any of the questions. 


Share your answers via Twitter or your year group email address. 

White Rose would also like you to share your progress on Twitter:




Reception - Have a go at creating your own Numberblocks character. Be as creative as you can!


Good luck! 


Miss Finnegan 


Reception - Make your own Numberblock Character!

Friday Family Maths Challenge


Week 2 Challenge!

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Well, I have had fun today reading e-mails and watching videos of some of you attempting to solve the tricky maths challenge I set on Friday! I must admit, it is a really tricky one. I also loved seeing how your worked with your family to solve it.

You have to look so closely to see that the little boy is actually holding 2 cones and wearing a pair of trainers! 

You also have to think about how you work out the calculation Very tricky indeed!


I am pleased to announce joint 1st place winners and a second place. A BIG well done to these children:


1st PLACE - Luke & Joel Downing (Y2 and Y4) who worked together to solve it and Ethan Townsend in Y3


2nd PLACE - Dillon Keen in Y4 









Miss F Challenge

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Fun Friday's 


Hi children,


I hope you are well and enjoying learning at home and spending time with your family.


Every Friday, I will post a different challenge for you to have a go at if you wish!

You can e-mail answers to your teacher via their year group address. 


I look forward to hearing from you,


Miss Finnegan 





Maths Challenge

30 day Lego Bible Challenge