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Snow Day 10.3.23

Friday 10th March 2023


Good morning Year 5!

I hope that you are enjoying your snow day at home. 


1) Yoga

Enjoy a time of relaxation, use the link to practise yoga to a story, (Harry Potter)


Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone


2) Reading

To write a book review to recommend a book to a friend.


Enjoy reading two chapters of your school reading book in an unusual place at home and write a book review of your reading book so far.


What is the story plot?

Who is your favourite character?

Who would you recommend the book to? Why?

What ages and interests is this book suitable for? Why?



3) Writing

To create a Mother’s Day card to support refugees.


This Mother’s Day we must stand against the unfair rules which    cruelly separate children from their parents and close family      members.

Whilst children celebrate their mothers this March, we want to raise awareness of these unfair rules separating refugee children from their parents

Make a Mother’s Day cards to send to your MP with a message       inside calling on them to reunite refugee children with their parents.


4.) Maths

To multiply a 3-digit number by a 2-digit number.


Look through the PowerPoint attached to remind you had to use long multiplication and practise the method using the worksheet.


Use this link to practise your long multiplication method


5.) Snow Day Challenge

I challenge you to make a snow sculpture.  Rather than the              traditional snowman/woman, can you make an alternative small sculpture for us to guess?  It might be an animal, building, cars, house or cartoon characters

Enjoy being creative!


Please email your designs and the work that you complete today.



I wish you an enjoyable weekend with your families.


Kind regards

Miss Ingram