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Gospel Virtues and British Values

British Values and Gospel Virtues

Some of the ways that we promote this at St Alban's


Gospel Virtues: 

Discerning, Eloquent, Intentional, Prophetic

  • Elections for positions of responsibility in school.
  • School Council
  • Eco-Warriors
  • The use of Circle Time 
  • Class Debates dealing with different viewpoints
  • Writing balanced arguments in Literacy
  • Volunteering to help others in the local, Parish, wider and global community.

The Rule of Law

Gospel Virtues: Truthful, Generous, Learned, Active

  • School Behaviour Policy
  • Classroom Rules
  • Visits and talks from our police community support officer
  • Internet Safety training
  • Ethos / Gospel Virtues - helping children to distinguish between right and wrong.
  • Use of Biblical Stories model to children people making the right choice, even in difficult situations.
  • The teaching of PSHE through Yoimoji

Individual Liberty

Gospel Virtues: 

Wise, Curious, Faith- filled, Grateful

  • Work on Vocations during Mission Week - we encourage children to recognise their talents and fulfil their potential.
  • All children are treated equally, fairly and given the same opportunity to take part in activities and experiences as we are all children of God.
  • Behaviour Policies and Procedures put emphasis on children being responsible for their own actions.
  • Pupil Voice through school council / pupil interviews and an annual pupil survey allows children to express their own views about school and take action.
  • Stereotypes are challenged throughout school.
  • Freedom of speech is modelled through pupil participation in class discussions, dialogue with staff, pupil questionnaires and the knowledge that children can speak freely and openly to staff members.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with Different Faiths and Beliefs

Gospel Virtues: 

Loving, Hopeful, Compassionate, Attentive

  • Through Topic work and Mission Week, children explore different faiths and visit other places of worship. 
  • Children experience and learn about music from all over the world during Topic work.
  • Children learn about the lives of people from other places in the world.
  • The RE programme of study includes work on different faiths.
  • Children in Key Stage 2 are learning to speak Spanish.
  • Children have access to a range of books which explore other faiths and cultures.
  • Work of Chaplaincy team.

Autumn 1

Grateful and Generous


Pupils are growing to be grateful for their own gifts, for the gift of other people and for the blessings of each day: and be generous with their gifts, becoming men and women for others.


What does this mean? Catholic schools help their pupils grow by encouraging them to know and be grateful for all their gifts, developing them to the full so that they can be generous in the service of others.



Autumn 2

Attentive and Discerning


Pupils are growing to be attentive to their experience and to their vocation; and discerning about the choices they make and the effects of those choices.


What does this mean? Catholic schools help their pupils grow by promoting the practice of attentive reflection and discerning decision making: in teaching, in the examen, prayer and retreats; and through the practice and example of school leaders and staff.



Spring 1

Compassionate and Loving


Pupils are growing to be compassionate towards others, near and far, especially the less fortunate; and loving by their just actions and forgiving words.


What does this mean? Catholic schools help their pupils grow by being compassionate and loving in the way pupils are treated, especially when a pupil is in trouble; and by opening pupils’ eyes to those who suffer poverty, injustice or violence.