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School Librarians

Why school libraries are important: 


They give ALL children access to books. Obviously, the first step in this lifelong skill is learning 'how' to read – teaching children the process and mechanics. And yet, if children develop a love of books and reading before this, the physical teaching of reading can be easier. By obtaining intrinsic value from sitting with an adult, sharing and talking about stories and images, they will become people who choose to pick up a book voluntarily. It’s not an either/or situation – teaching children how to read and engendering them to become readers is a parallel journey.



Learning to read usually happens in the classroom and, whilst teachers can instill a love of books, it’s often so much easier with a library and librarian in place. But for either of these to happen, children need access to books.


We are lucky at St Alban's Catholic Primary School to have a children's library that is led by a group of Key Stage Two librarians who have shared their rationale for, and desire to, promote and achieve a place where our children can select books that they wish to read and share and therefore contribute towards a whole school culture of reading for pleasure.