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Mrs McKinney's Challenges

Mrs McKinney's Mary Prayer Corner Challenge 4

Friday is the start of May, the month which we dedicate to Our Blessed Lady. Catholics in every part of the world, pray to the Queen of Heaven during this month, both in church and at home. We are encouraged to offer our prayers to Mary from our hearts.  As my challenge this week I want to encourage you to create a prayer corner in your home. Can you give Mary a special spot in your prayer corner? It can be a statue or picture, but a place there is some representation of Our Blessed Mother. Can you make it appealing and a real tribute to her beauty and virtue? Could you decorate it with homemade flowers and write a special prayer to display? I will show you the area that I create in school.

Good luck and stay safe.

Mrs McKinney

Mrs McKinney's Earth Day ChallengeThree- 22nd April


Wednesday 22nd April 2020 marks the 50th Earth Day. This could be the year we stop taking the planet for granted!


Now more than ever, Earth Day offers an opportunity for us all to reflect upon our relationship with the planet, nature can surprise us at any moment. It is a time when the health of the planet and its people has never been so important.


Right now, it may be hard not to feel a little anxious and maybe fed up but there are wonderful promises of greatness. After the lockdowns, we will see greater appreciation for nature in many countries around the world. From China to Spain, people of all ages are missing what they did not know they would miss until they could not have it: craving open spaces; realising the wellbeing and health benefits of accessing nature; and, in many countries, missing the blossoming of spring.


The challenge for this week is - Could you make a pledge to our planet? 


A piece of writing, a piece of artwork, a prayer. What do you think the world will be like in 2070?


I cannot wait to see what you come up with.


Stay safe,

Mrs McKinney

Here are some websites with more ideas

A message from Mr Tiger

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Mrs McKinney's Rainbow Elmer Challenge Two

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Can you brighten up the world with some colourful Elmers?

Wednesday challenge - Elmer


Let's brighten up our world with a rainbow Elmer. You could draw it, paint it, collage it, make a milk bottle Elmer. Email photographs of your entries to Mrs McKinney through your year group email address or tweet your picture @StAlbans_Sch


For the milk carton Elmer

You need:

  • Empty plastic milk bottle containers
  • scissors
  • PVA glue
  • paint brush
  • brightly coloured tissue paper, sweet wrappers etc.
  • googly eyes
  1. Cut around the bottom of the milk bottle handle and continue around the bottle to create Elmers legs and trunk and begin covering the surface with pva glue.
  2. Stick tissue paper squares all over the “elephant” until he is completely covered. You could use sweet wrappers, newspaper, magazines, music manuscript anything you like, you can create your elephant.
  3. Once you have covered your elephant give it a coat of PVA to keep the paper nice and smooth and make it a little waterproof. Then you can add goodly eyes and draw or stick on ears and a tail.


Stay safe and take care

Mrs McKinney 

Ideas for Elmer

Tiger on the loose at St. Alban's

Mrs McKinney's Challenge One - The Tiger who came to tea

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Can you write back to Mr Tiger? Why has he arrived at St. Alban's? Where is he from? What does he want?

Weekly Wednesday Challenge!


Hello Children, 


I hope you are all safe and well and keeping your adults indoors!


We have had an extraordinary visitor in school...A TIGER!


Your challenge is to create a piece of writing about our visitor. 

  • A letter to the Tiger - Why is he here? Who is he looking for? Where is he from? Ask him your questions...Who knows he may write back?
  • A story about his adventures in Kings Heath


Take care, stay safe

Mrs McKinney