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Currently, in Literacy we are reading...


'The River Singers!' By Tom Moorhouse 


I have chosen this novel to read as it lends itself beautifully to our current topic, Misty Mountain Winding River. This novel is based on the struggles of a water vole family who depend on the river to survive. During the novel, we also embark on a journey of loss, personal growth and happy endings as we follow the water voles on their struggles to find a new home. Whilst this is a fiction story, it covers themes of matriarchy, religion and global warming.



Within our Literacy lessons, we will be writing persuasive arguments as the voles to convince the mother to let the children leave their chamber. Write a formal letter about the effects of plastic pollution and global warming on our rivers in the UK. Write our own narrative story based on events of a section of this novel. 


We will also explore the features and themes of Haiku poems and write our own. Finally, we will be creating our own leaflets about mountains, where the children will be conducting their own research and creating their own subheadings for their non-chronological report.


An example of one of our Year Four's Haiku performances

Still image for this video