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Singing Playgrounds

We are a Singing Playgrounds school 

Singing is an important activity for mental and physical wellbeing and this project will celebrate, inspire, and enable children's creativity through their own inclusive singing-play. 
This project will inspire an enable teachers to put (safe) singing-play at the heart of the playground and the school community.


Your children will:

  • Learn and play singing games;
  • Share their own singing games; and
  • Create and compose singing games and songs 




Golden Rules 


There are Four Golden Rules for Song Leaders 


Rule 1: Arms Outstretched   

Hold your arms out in an inviting way to show someone that you would like them to join in with your game 


Rule 2: Eye Contact

Look at the person you are inviting. This will encourage them to join you


Rule 3: Smile

Remember to smile, especially if it's someone you don't know very well


Rule 4: 'Off We Go'

Sing 'off we go', all on one note (the same as the first note of the song), so everyone knows exactly when and how to start


And finally, remember to have fun!